Bonar Colleano (1924 - 1958)

Birth Date: 14th March 1924

Death Date: 18th August 1958

Colleano died at the age of 34, when he crashed his sports car (a Jaguar XK140) in Birkenhead shortly after exiting the Queensway Tunnel. He was driving back from Liverpool’s New Shakespeare Theatre, where he had been appearing in a stage production of Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? His passenger, fellow actor and friend Michael Balfour, required 98 stitches but eventually recovered.

Cause Of Death

Colleano was born Bonar Sullivan in New York City. Following childhood experiences with the Ringling Brothers Circus and in his family's famous circus, he entered films in 1944. He lived as a British resident, spending several years performing in music halls, the legitimate stage and radio.